How This Military Wife & Mom Runs Her 6-Figure Online Business while travelling the world
...without working 90 hours a week

 Propel is an application-only program. 


Hi! I'm Esther, the woman behind this program.

I turned my virtual assistant career working 1 on 1 with celebrities, NYT best selling authors and the top marketing influencers in the world into a 6 figure online agency managing a team of 12 online workers.
I did all of this while helping almost 1000 women work online as virtual assistants taking my online courses to almost half a million in sales too.

And now I want to help you create the online business you keep hearing about...but can't figure out how to build anything sustainable (without just working yourself to death).
You want to run a six-figure online biz but...
Multiple income streams, building a brand and all the things is making your head spin...
How can you work with high end brands? What are your offers and packages? How to build an
online course or following? OY!
You can't figure out how to take yourself out of the day-to-day running of your business...
You have some online work but can't figure out how to offload the services you don't need to be
doing to a team
You have no idea how to hire and manage a team or set up your processes...
You're not entirely sure what to look for in good quality team members, how to find and hire them
and how to set up your team + client processes to keep everything under control
Or you are just tired of the overwhelm and stress of being booked out...
Just working more hours, raising your prices and hiring one VA isn't going to be enough. Girl, you've
got to SCALE
Maybe you don't know how to transition your current skills into the online business world and create new income streams...
"Before joining Propel, I was struggling with how to transition from 25 years of corporate experience to working online and building my own business. Esther gave me the steps, support, and feedback to adjust my message for working in the online environment. I now have one long term client and am building a client funnel for the next quarter. At the same time, I am working on other income streams to grow and stabilize my income. I love the mentorship and community to support my dream and goals."
or you’ve been trying so hard to transition into working with
high-end clients and would love step-by-step support...
"Before I joined Propel, I was unsure of how I would make the transition from the corporate world to the virtual world. Just a few months in and now I have defined my niche, set up a business and have started to work with some high-end clients. I would highly recommend joining Propel if you want to take your business to the next level or move into an online business management/project management position.  
I have especially enjoyed the bi-weekly calls, which have kept me focused on my goals, the shared approach to finding solutions as well as being able to celebrate achievements along the journey.  Esther has assisted me with defining my niche as well as providing support and encouragement to continue on the journey so I can make my dreams a reality."
there’s no textbook for how to do this. That’s why I  knew I had to create this program.
After helping so many women transition from 1 on 1 into an agency with high-end clients, building over 50  courses for my international clients and taking my own courses into the half a million dollar mark...
I know that I can help you, too!

 So... what is Propel? 

Propel is a group coaching program of bi-weekly live calls with Esther and our incredible  group of women killing it online.

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls for 1 year
To set goals and crush 'em! Questions, problems, coaching, bonus trainings, and so much more all happen on these live calls with Esther. PLUS... who doesn't love forming lifelong friendships with women who get you and are working at the same level as you?

($1997 Value)

Get exclusive access to our "Members Club"
Join our private "Members Club" Facebook Group for 1 full year; we post 30-40 exclusive job postings every month, send a monthly industry-only newsletter, have quarterly live bonus classes, challenges, co-work days and accountability galore! It's a community of inspiring female online bosses that you won't find anywhere else.

($1997 Value)

 but Propel isn’t just a group coaching program... 

Propel also comes with a step-by-step online course designed to help you scale your online  
business into the six figures and beyond!

Lesson 1 & 2: What to Charge, How to Get Paid, Dealing with Clients
We’ll review how to package up your offers so that you can rock your online career with prices and packages that make sense for YOU. I also share all the mistakes I made working with clients so you can avoid them!

Lesson 3 & 4: Your Online Presence, Client Funnel and Revenue Streams
Imagine your consultation calendar is booked without you having to lift a finger and your income is no longer dependent on how many hours you could work that week. We review how EXACTLY to do all of this in these lessons.

Live 8-Week Online Course Creation Bootcamp
November 2019 begins our 8 week program to get your online program mapped out, built and launched. Can you imagine going into 2020 with your own online course to launch? Also perfect for VAs that want to offer online course services.

"This sounds great but I'm busy and don't have time for a course right now..."
That's why I've condensed the course work into just 4 main lessons, less than an hour each, and a few bonus training's so you can work on this a little every week and be set up to scale in less than 6 weeks.
I've also made it self-paced to ensure you are never locked out of anything or fall behind!  Oh! And don't forget: the bi-weekly live calls take just 1 hour and can mean BIG changes in your online business throughout the year.
"How is this different from 90 Day VA?"
90 Day VA is a skills-based course and program. It's focused on giving you the top requested virtual assistant skills so you can transition into working online.
Propel is for those that have completed the 90 Day VA skills-based program OR want to build a different type of online business and are still growing and need more support to scale and expand their online revenue streams. We've also had a lot of women come to us asking for something to help them transition into online work using skills they already have vs. learning new skills.
Propel includes 1 full year of exclusive access to our "Members Club" Facebook Group as well as private bi-weekly group coaching calls.
"What makes this program different? How will I know that it will work for me?"
I've been teaching military wives, moms, and travel lovers how to work online + get real online jobs for over 5 years. We have documented testimonials, results and graduates rocking their online work life.
With over 700 graduates and another 20K in followers, we've been around a long time. I, myself, have also been working online for almost 10 years, and have two 6-figure online businesses.

 Propel is an application-only program 

And if the bi-weekly group coaching calls and step-by-step scaling system aren't enough...

All new Propel members get a personal 1-hour call with Esther!
Get clear on your online business goals for an agency, blog, digital products, eCommerce business or anything else you've been dreaming about! We'll create your unique to-do list for the year, and I'll give you any resources I have to help!

($200 Value)

Looking for high-end clients that get you to that $10K+ per month mark?
Then you need a high-end proposal and onboarding process. I give you the exact one I use to close my $20K projects, break down everything in it and include a template for you to DIY, too!

($497 Value)

Bonus classes to help you scale beyond just your online services!
This years bonuses classes planned: Selling Authentically Using Your Story, Selling Digital Products Using Instagram Stories, Your Most Creative Self, the remaining class will be at your request!

($497 Value)

 Propel is NOT just another online course 

Beyond the step-by-step course + resources galore, we are building a community of women killing  it online, supporting, hiring and referring each other! Propel enrollment is application only...

 online workers ready to scale! 

Those that have completed 90 Day VA and are ready to scale or are struggling to up-level from the  $2-$3K/month range into the consistent $10K/mo+ mark.

 empire builders! 

You have an online business dream with digital product and course ideas but need help pulling  this all together and how to actually build the dang thing.

 those who need community & support! 

If you've been working online and are ready to make more money (without just working more  hours) & grow with a mentor and community of women supporting you every step of the way... this  program is perfect for you.
Propel enrollment is by application only:
(If you've accidentally landed here and want to be a virtual assistant, this program is not for you.
Instead, head on over to my 90 Day VA program HERE)

 does investing in yourself make you nervous? 

I used to struggle so much with investing in myself. Even just buying a $10 book for myself used to make me cringe. 

I was comfortable spending hundreds, thousands on software and tools that I needed all day, but spending money on something to help me grow? That made me nervous.

Why?  Because many times, we don't connect investing in our personal growth as investing in our business

And that is a real shame, because we are the biggest strength and the biggest value-add to our business and to our clients. Without our skills, our experience, our continued training - our business does not grow.

It is only when we invest in ourselves that growth and scaling happens. 

Take it from me: getting to $10K months means investing. I pay $1,000+ every month for coaching and even more for one-off classes and mini-trainings. I can say with 100% tangible proof of ROI that they've contributed and led to my rapid success. 

I have invested in myself, time and time again, and voila! My six-figure businesses are what I have to show for these investments.

Does it feel scary to me to say yes to these investments? Of course!

More importantly: did I do it anyway? Yes. 

Why? Because investing in yourself is the best investment you can make in your business.

 so what are you waiting for? 

I am so excited to be able to help more of you rock this online work life...
To be able to help you grow, scale, and achieve any kind of freedom or passions you're looking for.
I can't wait to hustle side-by-side, designing lives we are proud of, with you.
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